"Wait--you're giving six content rich recordings, for free? Really? Why?"

Absolutely.  For a couple of reasons.

First, I see a lot of people, through my website, Facebook, YouTube, referrals, introductions and so forth, and I see many of them struggling with exactly the same six blockages -- these six sessions topics.  Watching this is painful.  I want to help.

Second, although I've successfully guided many clients through these to real peace, happiness, health, and their meaningful and prosperous life paths, I don't want to ask you to simply trust this as your best option -- I'm inviting you to see for yourself and experience first hand the benefits and power of the comprehensive path toward manifestation that Kwan Yin Healing offers

Kwan Yin Healing has a mission, sharing that life is supposed to be happy, healthy, fulfilled, and not someday, but now, today.  You need only learn how.  Sure, I trust many of you will find in these seminars the message and results you're seeking, and continue on from the Kwan Yin Path to join the November launch of the Kwan Yin Journey.  But even for those who, for whatever reason, choose not to pursue this yet, my vision is for you to still gain valuable, actionable content you can apply to your life immediately.

Here's what one participant shared:

Hi Tim -- I have been trolling your free offerings for a while, now.  I think the biggest difference is that I understand the Law of Attraction now. It has really made a big difference. I have been laying a lot of foundation for money coming in, instead of trying with half-baked ideas. I am also using my talents to help charitable organizations. I know that things are changing inside me, and that they are changing in the way I interact with the world, and that soon things will be changing in the way the world interacts back with me. I realized that money is just an exchange of a type of energy, and that there is no reason for my huge block on having things, except that I am putting it there.  I have been working on putting energy into the solution to this major block in my life, instead of putting energy into the problem. I had to really examine my past (and some current ) ways I was mis-handling money, to see that I have been sabotaging my attempts to handle more of it, until I clean up my act with the money I have now. I am a work in progress. But I AM progressing! And in my search for guidance, your free offerings have been the source that I have understood the best, and with which I resonante the most.  Thank you so much for everything you do.   Your friend you haven't met yet,  Lisa B

Joining us is simple and easy!

Just fill in the information below, and you're registered for these content rich sessions!

Here's what you'll learn:

* Living Abundance (and why this isn't simply money)
* Emotional Challenges and Fear
* Stress, Overwhelm and Uncertainty
* Finding Peace, Spiritual Growth, and Living this daily in the "Real World"
* Getting Unstuck and Manifesting your Dreams and Desires
* If Healing isn't Magic, Where do I get the Miracle?  The Kwan Yin Path

...and a bonus, "Twenty Truths," an overview of the key concepts in the previous six sessions.

Each of these are roughly 60 minutes.   When you register, you will receive an email confirmation link.  Click on that confirmation link, and you'll receive the replay information. 

If you're interested in continuing beyond these, Nov. 4 launches a new session of the Kwan Yin Journey.  We'll talk about that too, so you know what that's about as well. 

To join in for the Six Days, Six Sessions, please complete the information below.   And Welcome!

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