Sometimes you need the help only 1 on 1 can bring.  So it's here for you --
                                  The Kwan Yin Mastery Program

Maybe you've already been through the Kwan Yin Journey program.   You've gained a lot of insight, and your life has definitely moved forward.  And you're well on the road to future progress.

You can review the wealth of material and support from the program, but there's a lot of it, and much of it is new to you, and takes time to implement more fully.  And it's hard to see our own situations in the same light as outside help.

Or perhaps you're facing challenging times at present, and while you certainly have the tools,  knowledge, and balance, you'd make more rapid progress with some additional insight and assistance to help you laser in on specific points.

Or maybe you're in a growth spurt, and while all is going well overall, you get that with rapid progress comes special lessons, and you're well aware how valuable bringing a guide along can be. 
 So is this healing sessions, or program material, or coaching, or what?
That depends.  This is not a "one size fits all" program.   The Kwan Yin Mastery program revolves around you: where you are, what  you're experiencing, what you'd like to achieve, where you're headed.  So we design it together, you and I.  Maybe you need a mix of healing and support.  Maybe you just need support.  Maybe you need some additional resources.  The Kwan Yin Mastery program is completed tailored to your specific needs and goals.

We start with an initial strategy session.  In this session we'll lay out a six month plan for our work together, including specifying needs, challenges, methods, and desired outcomes (including how we'll measure those outcomes).

What does this program include?
The Kwan Yin Mastery program goes for six months.  We will meet via telephone for two 1-hour calls each month.  Between calls, you're welcome (and encouraged) to be in contact via email (i.e., one email on the "off" weeks) for additional help, encouragement, and support.   So we'll connect roughly once per week, phone or email. 

It's not for everybody.  The cost is $600/month for this intensive individual focus.  Well worth it if you're ready to work that intensely.  And if you're not there yet, that's great to know as well -- check out (or review) the Kwan Yin Journey, a very rich and powerful collection of material and healing already, or the Healing packages.   Kwan Yin Mastery is for a select few, not a destination for everybody. 

In fact, you'll notice there's no "buy" button on this page.  That's because first, I want to ensure you're a good fit for this program.  And no worries -- if you're not, I'll do my best to redirect you to something that fits better, even if that means referring you elsewhere. 

How do I start the process?

Begin by sending me an email (you can do that by clicking here) expressing your interest.  Please include what you're facing, what you'd like to achieve during our time together, and how we would measure progress. 

As long as this is something I can meaningfully address, we'll then set up your strategy session.  When that's in place, we'll move forward with the six month Kwan Yin Mastery program, and I'll invoice your first month. 
What if I need more than six months?
One step at a time.  But when we're there, we have three options: 

* Decide together how many additional months we need to achieve your objective.
* Lay out a new six month strategy to reflect your new starting point and your new objectives.
* Continue month by month as needed -- but still with clear objective, rather than an open-ended commitment.

Let's start with a six month plan and achieve your objectives for that period first. 

 This sounds really interesting, but I'm not sure -- I have questions.

Sure - that's only natural.  Send me an email and we'll discuss it.  Let me know what's going on for you, as well as what you're wondering and where you'd like to be. 

Remember -- I'm looking for "good fits," not to pack the program.   This probably *isn't* for most of my clients.  But for those for whom it fits, let's address the obstacles and get to work realizing your goals.

Is there a guarantee?

Mainly, I'd like to ensure that only the appropriate people enter the Kwan Yin Mastery program.  That's why we consult first before jumping into the work. 

But yes, if at the end of the first month, things aren't working out, we'll part ways, with no further commitment on your part or mine.   That isn't going to happen, though -- we'll make sure things are well-aligned beforehand.
If I haven't (yet) done The Kwan Yin Journey program, or even healing work, can I do the Kwan Yin Mastery program anyway?
Most clients are going to prefer to start with the other programs, particularly the Kwan Yin Journey, and would probably be better served to pursue that path first. 

But there are always exceptions.  If the Kwan Yin Mastery program is the best fit for you, let's discuss it.
Not ready yet?  Not a problem.  Here's the next step for you . . .
If you're ready to start working together, check out the Kwan Yin Journey -- this is where most clients will find themselves eventually. 

If you're still looking around and checking things out -- great!  Start with the free Kwan Yin Path offer here.

If you're looking specifically for healing work, click here.

And Enjoy!  Thanks for your interest, and for inviting me to serve.