Kwan Yin Healing works consistently because it approaches transformation and healing by incorporating each of the Four Pillars:

* Clarity -- Life is naturally healthy and abundant – and not “one day,” but in the present, to be enjoyed today.  Focus on that health and understanding, rather than the illness, restoring the natural flow.  When healing a cut, the body turns to DNA and knows to build skin cells, not liver cells or bone cells, even though the DNA in all cells is the same.   Energetically we work much same – by checking the blueprint, we return to our inherent health and prosperity.   Accept this as our natural state.

* Connection – Consider the electromagnetic spectrum….color, sound, radio, TV, gamma rays – they are all the same, at different frequencies.  Likewise, we are a continuum from physical through emotional, mental, spiritual, and highest self to the divine – without break or separation.   We want that channel, that pipeline, clear and functioning.   Once returned to that natural state, intuition and universal support function in abundance, and we find ourselves on our natural path and happiness.

* Coherence --  We are physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual beings.  But jumping to a spiritual approach instead of addressing physical problems is like trying to lift a heavy board first from one end, and then from the other end.  Instead, we want a coherence of energy, all levels working harmoniously together, like a laser vs. scattered light.  Like a beautifully and well-maintained automobile without spark plugs, our beautiful work and progress won’t work unless all parts work well together.

* Change – If you’re not living the results you desire, then your current approach isn’t working.  If you want something you’ve never had, you’ll need to do things you’ve never done.  We tend to cling to our comfort zone – but this is a recipe for the status quo.  All progress, all improvement, takes place out of that comfort zone.  Moving forward takes love and compassion, letting go of what’s holding us back, and being ready to walk into an unknown but better, healthier, happier, and more abundant life.

Without all Four Pillars, we have a nice idea, but not the results we seek.  Clarity and Connection, without Change, for example, is stagnant (though it might feel good temporarily).  And Change and Coherence, without Clarity and Connection, is random energy, relying only on chance for improvement.  But in coordination, each of the Four Pillars draws out and strengths the others, moving us forward in a powerful synergy may seem miraculous at first, bringing true balance and peace. 

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