"I'm very picky about who I let work on me. I felt completely comfortable with Tim. The distance healing session was unusual and distinct in how immediately physical it was. There was no sense of things happening far off, or somewhere in a distant, rarefied place. It was immediate, visceral, and felt like it was happening right in the middle of my energy body/physical body.

"I felt my spine being stretched and flexed in all different directions for what seemed like a while. I also felt a lightness and opening in my thyroid and thymus glands. The experience was soothing and relaxing overall. After I was done my feet were extra flexible. It felt like I'd had a long foot massage. An intermittent ache, which I had been experiencing in my thyroid just prior to the session, has never returned, and it's been 4 months since the session. I felt internally quiet and clearer headed after and have been experiencing greater emotional well being, mental productivity and peace since the session.
                                                                                                                                                                                                     Janina Na, Oakland, CA
"While the session was happening it was very direct, wakeful, and deeply restful, like being in a deep trance. When it was done, it was D-U-N done. No residual energy. No sense of having to shift my orientation to "fit" anywhere, or make sense of anything afterwards. It was all very professionally conducted. Much gratitude, Tim!"

What does a Reconnective Heaing session look like?
Thanks to Ken, a new client in December, you can get a look at what a Reconnective healing session looks like!

Here are five minutes of the 30 minute session (because hey, it all looks the same after this), followed by Ken's "on camera" reaction and testimonial immediately following the session.

He's pretty amazed -- his back pain is gone. The nerve damage in his foot is better. He feels "stretched out." His mind is calm and relaxed. He went on to have The Reconnection after this.

More video and teleseminar material here: http://kwanyinhealing.com

What happens in a Distance Healing Session?

Probably the question I get most often -- how does distance healing work, what do I feel, how do I find you, and so forth.  So here you go!

I was doing The Reconnection for Carol, who had previously had a remarkable distance healing session, repairing her neck from an auto accident injury a year previously, as well as restoring her high blood pressure to normal.  She emailed me three days after the session to tell me how amazed her chiropractor was with these unexpected results. 

So, since she was there that day -- you get to see Carol's testimonial about her results on video as well.  Enjoy!

By the way, did you see the Dr. Oz segment on Reconnective Healing?

There are clips here:  http://kwanyinhealing.com/how-it-works.php

What happens in The Reconnection?

Line by line, point by point, The Reconnection methodically traces  the body's energy, first to clear out blockages to its flow, and second to connect the lines and points to the energetic lines of the Earth and the Universe, literally, a Reconnection

The purpose is a rapid alignment with your life path and true direction.  
Feeling like something just isn't happening for you, that something just isn't in place, that you just can't seem to get those final tumblers to fall into place? Whether that's job, relationship, or just spirituality and balance and happiness, The Reconnection is the key to removing blocks and getting unstuck.

Reconnective Healing Sessions
A healing session takes 30 minutes, plus another 10-15 minutes to discuss the session.  Simply lay back on the massage table, face up, eyes closed, arms at the sides, and relax!  If you have neck or back problems, that will be accommodated for your comfort.  What people feel varies widely, but might include heat, cold, energy, floating, colors, bubbling, prickling, among others.  Involuntary eye movement, swallowing, breathing changes, hand/foot/leg movements are fairly common.  People sometimes feel touch, though I won't be touching you except on the shoulder at the end to sign the end. 
Distance Healing
This work very similar to an in-person session.  I will call you at the time of the appointment, and after we touch base briefly, have you lay back, face up, eyes closed, arms at the sides, and as you relax, I will hang up and begin the session.  30 minutes later, I will call you back to end the session, and we will spend 10-15 minutes discussing it.  People's experiences are very similar to the face to face sessions.  
Unlike typical energy, reconnective frequencies actually strengthen with distance, making this a very viable option.  In fact, two of the testimonials on my Home page were distance healing clients, as are the testimonials at the top of each page, including this one.
Package of Sessions
While sometimes single sessions achieve remarkable results, people generally pursue a package of sessions.  The need for healing didn't come from nowhere, and working together over a few weeks rather than a single session allows us to get at the roots of the problem, not just address symptoms.
Package of three sessions:   $597
Package of four sessions:    $697
The Reconnection/Energy Alignment  $333
While healing sessions are primarily for physical and/or emotional healing, alignment sessions are about connection to the axiatonal grid of light underlying all nature.  Your perfect blueprint consists of the extension of your acupuncture meridians to this universal axiatonal system, in essence, connecting to your Overself.  The results can include feeling connected, deeply at peace, insights and enhanced intuition, and a better sense of life direction.  Although the point isn't healing, people can report physical and emotional healing, as well as a deeper spiritual connection. 
The alignment is two sessions, done on two consecutive days.  Each session will take up to an hour;  we will then spend about 15 minutes discussing your experience.  As in healing sessions, this is done laying back on a massage table, eyes closed, arms at your side, with accommodations for neck and/or back discomfort where applicable.  Have a warm sweater, gloves, and heavy socks--people often feel cold during alignments, as your vibration is rising very rapidly.  One important point--you need to have had at least one healing session previously, as there is a "learning curve" in attuning to these frequencies. 
This is the exact Reconnection discussed in Dr. Eric Pearl's book and seminars.   It's a once in a lifetime attunement to the fullness of your inherent connection to the universe, to bring you back to your true life path.  The cost is the same for all Reconnections, the same as Dr. Pearl paid for his at the beginning of his journey as well, as the "333" vibration and sacred geometry are important aspects of this experience.  The Reconnection must be done in person.   
I strongly recommend The Reconnection for anyone doing healing work.  Not only will this attunement better help you help others, but also you will be eligible for attend Level III training (after completing Levels I/II), for which having your own Reconnection completed is a requirement.  I will then enter your name and the date of your Reconnection in the Reconnection records database, so they will know you've done this whenever you might choose to attend the training/

The Energy Alignment is a distance process similar to The Reconnection (it is not a substitute as a pre-requisite for Level III training).  As I have clients on four continents, most of them have the Energy Alignment.  If you are local, or able to travel here, we would then to The Reconnection.

You'll need at least one Reconnective Healing session prior to The Reconnection or the Energy Alignment.  I offer a $497 package for both.

I highly recommend the Kwan Yin Journey for all Alignment clients.  More information here:  http://kwanyinhealing.com/journey.php.

Training Seminars
You can attend Level I/II  (healing), Level III (Reconnection), and other seminars by checking the online schedule for events and registration at the link below:

Seminars & Events

I'm happy to help.  Drop me a note on the "Contact" page, or send me an email.

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